Hornsby Dog Training Club is a non profit organisation run by a group of volunteers interested in the training and basic well-being of our best friends.


The Club first began assisting the local community in 1959 and since then has grown into one of the foremost thinking dog training clubs in the state.


We hope that you find your time with us rewarding and enjoyable.

The Club's trainers with their pet dogs

Please feel free to approach instructors with any questions or problems you may have. Most of us are 'dog mad' and will be more than happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Commitee and Office Bearers - 2019/20


Kathy Sharp

Vice Presidents

John Sharp & Helen Ratcliff


Don Day

Assistant Secretary (Database)

Melanie Lovelock


Anne Eddins

Post Editor


Publicity Officer

Melanie Lovelock

Committee Members

Robyn Fabiano, Peter Yardley, Kitty Lee, John Pattison, Anthony Edwards, Susan Filan


Mayor of Hornsby, Jill Kaldor

Honorary Vets

Brad Garlick and Angus Martin

Chief Instructor

Helen Ratcliff

Deputy Chief Instructor

David Le Lievre

Trial Manager

Jill Kaldor

Trial Secretary

Anne Eddins

Chief Steward

Jo Tucker

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Off-lead area of Rofe Park,

Galston Road,

Hornsby Heights

Call (voicemail)

T: (02) 9990 7301


e: hornsbydogtrainingclub@gmail.com

p: PO Box 3257 ASQUITH, NSW, 2077

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