Advanced class 2pm-3pm

The Advanced Class is the highest level a dog can reach unless it will be going on to competitive obedience trialling and because of this is the goal of the majority of members.


It incorporates all exercises learnt in earlier classes and participants practice them at a high standard. The only new exercises in this class relate to heeling, ie refining of left-about turns, correct footwork and changes of pace.


In this class and in the trialling class many exercises are conducted off-lead and dogs must be calm by the owner's side and not running off to distractions.


Dogs in this class will perform stays in the sit and down positions, as well as recalls from a distance. Dogs are stable whilst in the stand position while owners move out in front of them.


There are no lures used in this class and rewards are only given for a high standard. Games are often included in this class to both challenge the dog and provide some extra fun, eg the recall race.


Criteria for promotion to Trialling Class

  • Sit - Sit in front and at side of handler, and at distance of 3 metres for 60 seconds using voice and hand signals separately.

  • Recall - Call dog from 6 metres away past dogs in down stay. Pause between dog's name and command.

  • Attention - Dog to watch handler's face during heeling.

  • Down/Drop - Dog to remain in position at distance of 4 metres for 2 minutes with heavy distractions.

  • Heeling - Refinement of left-about turns and introduction of figure of eight and different paces.

  • Finish - Dog to return from two paces in front of handler on voice and hand signals separately.

  • Stand - Stand for examination exercise.


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