Class four 3pm-4pm

Owners should have a good understanding of their dogs by this class, as the emphasis on exercise standards is put more onto the individual handler rather than the instructor and intermittent rewards are given.


Heavy distractions are used for the sit, down, and come commands and dogs are able to stay at lead's length. Dogs remain standing for longer periods of time and the distractions are greater.


Further fun and games are employed in Class Four as the dogs have greater levels of competence in the exercises.


Criteria for promotion

  • Handling - Praise only with intensive inspection of dog.

  • Leave It - Dog to return to handler away from food in bowl.

  • Sit and Stay - Heavy distractions and further distance. Maintain for 40 seconds. Voice only and signal only.

  • Recall - Call dog from 6 metres away past another dog in down stay.

  • Attention - With distractions, dog to look at owner from left, right and in front for 10 seconds.

  • Down/Drop and Stay - Down from 4 metres away and remain in position for 1 minute. Down on voice only and hand signal only.

  • Heeling - Introduction of left and left-about turns. Down and stand dogs while moving.

  • Finish - Dog to complete exercise on hand signal and voice command separately. Finish from a distance.

  • Stand and Stay - Dog to remain in position while instructor examines dog.




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