Class one 3pm-4pm

Class One is the entry point of the Hornsby training structure. It is where graduating puppies first experience adult classes and is where new dogs go after introductory class.


Class One is built around the basics with which the dogs graduating from Puppy Class should have no problem. The six basic steps to training exercises are explained and are demonstrated with the teaching of the sit, come and down commands.


Handling is of extra importance in this class as, apart from the graduating puppies, many of the dogs have had little experience of this and socialising in their early lives. Because of this, the handling is gentle with plenty of rewards.


Criteria for promotion

  • Handling - Calm dog when handled with plenty of praise and reward.

  • Leave It - Have dog avert eyes away from food in closed hand on cue.

  • Sit - Sit and maintain in position for 3 seconds.

  • Recall - Have dog follow and sit in front.

  • Attention - Have dog look at handler's face for 3 seconds.

  • Down/Drop - Dog lying down for 4 seconds.

  • Controlled Walk - Dog walking on left side of handler for ten paces with lures.


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