Class three 3pm-4pm

Dogs in Class Three should be well used to handling by their owners and be comfortable with other dogs.


The basic exercises should also be well understood with this class involving more distractions and differing situations. Lures should be phased out by now, with the dog fully understanding signals and commands for the sit, down and come.


In this class, the dog's attention is gained under increased distractions and for a longer period of time. Stays are introduced as an extension of the Sit and Down exercises. As the dogs are now able to do exercises well, fun and games are frequently used in this class, such as tricks and races.


Criteria for promotion

  • Handling - Intensive inspection of dog with it remaining calm.

  • Leave It - Dog to turn away from bowl of food within reach and rewarded by handler.

  • Sit - Hold in position for 30 seconds with distractions. Dog able to sit from a short distance.

  • Sit Stay - Dog to hold sit position with commands while instructor examines dog.

  • Recall - Dog to come from 6 metres away and sit in front, released after 6 seconds.

  • Attention - Dog to look at handlers face for 10 seconds, with distractions and no lure.

  • Down/Drop and Stay - Down from end of lead and hold position with distractions.

  • Heeling - Introduction of right and right-about turns, with dog rewarded when looking at handler.

  • Finish - Dog to complete exercise on cue only and remain in position for 5 seconds.

  • Stand - Hold position on cue for 5 seconds, no lure.


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