Class two 3pm-4pm

Further handling and socialising begin this class, along with progression to more difficult levels of the basic sit, come and down commands.


More distractions are used and the exercise positions are held for longer. A new exercise of this class is to get the dog to get back to the starting position for the next exercise, which is important for the refining of exercises in higher classes. Heeling is introduced as an extension of the controlled walk and the stand exercise is introduced.


Criteria for promotion

  • Handling - More involved than Class One.

  • Leave It - Dog to leave a sealed container of food for reward from handler.

  • Sit - 10 seconds duration, both in front and in heel position.

  • Recall - Call dog from 3 metres using voice and hand signal.

  • Attention - Dog to look at handler's face, away from food lure.

  • Down/Drop - Dog to remain lying down in front, in heel position, and with handler one step away for 10 seconds.

  • Heeling - Have dog follow on left side in straight line for 10 paces with automatic sit.

  • Finish - Using hand signals, have dog return to sitting heel position.

  • Stand - Stand dog at left side and remain in position for 5 seconds with rewards.



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