Annual Obedience Trial and Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs 18th March

In March every year, HDTC holds its annual Obedience Trial a competition that attracts around 150 if the best trained dogs in NSW. This is one of many similar trials held throughout the year by obedience clubs around the country and is one way HDTC contributes to the dog training community.


There are several levels of competition ranging from the basic exercises you are familiar with (heeling, sitting, recall etc) to quite complicated exercises involving jumping, retrieving and scent work. Successful competitors attain titles and awards.


The main trial is held on a Saturday evening, however, preparation starts months beforehand and, in particular, setting up the oval ready for the event commences around midday on the Saturday. Equipment (jumps, ropes, scoreboards, tables etc) needs to be transported from Rofe Park to Montview Oval and then the competition rings assembled (usually 8 roped-off are-as 45m x 15m). 


The judging starts in the early evening and usually finishes around 10pm. Each ring is presided over by an accredited Judge and, depending on the level of competition, they will judge 10-20 dogs during the evening. The Judges are assisted by Stewards drawn from our HDTC membership and their role is to ensure the smooth operation of the trial making sure the competitors are available on time, setting up jumps and other equipment and generally helping the Judges.


We try to allocate 2-3 Stewards to each ring. We need as many HDTC members to volunteer as possible. This is a chance for you to help your Club and at the same time provides you with an opportunity to see some of the best trained obedience dogs in the country. It is a great night and you will certainly pick up some hints that will help with your own training.


When Hornsby Dog Training Club will hold its 64st Annual Obedience Trial and Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs on Saturday 18th March 2017


Time Judging commences at 2.30 pm for the Retrieving Ability Test for Gundogs. 5.30pm for the Obedience Trial. Judging finishes 10pm approximately.


Where At Montview Oval, Montview Parade, Hornsby Heights.


Volunteer volunteers are needed on the day to assist in the following:

  • We need volunteers to move equipment from 12:00 and to act as Stewards during the trial from around 4:30 pm

  • Transport gear from Rofe Park to Montview Oval (trucks/trailers greatly appreciated)

  • Set up Montview ready for trial

  • Assist in trial rings

  • Pack up after the event


RSVP Please leave your name and phone number at the Clubhouse or email Jo Tucker on jo@omatel.com











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