Introductory class 2pm-3pm

The introductory class is designed for new members to the club with dogs too old for puppy classes. New members attend the introductory class once, then move into the Class One.

The Introductory class covers the history of the club, class formats and general rules of the club. Information is handed out during the class which covers basic training methods for practice at home and also covers the fundamentals of dog behaviour as well as socialisation and excercise.


The next step after the Introductory class is Beginners Class 1 which starts at 3pm every Sunday.


The reasons for our positive reinforcement training method are outlined, as well as describing different kinds of motivation. Finally the five steps to training are described and the dogs are taught how to sit, come and be released. Bringing your dog to this class is optional, as many people find it easier to listen without concentrating on their dog.


New members are welcome to the classes every 2nd and 4th Sundays. Let us know at the club house that you are here for the new member’s class.

  • For all other new members please come at 2pm for your first week (then you will be put in Class 1 for the following week at 3pm – 4pm).


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