Trialling class 1pm-2pm

The Trialling Class is open only to those dogs wishing to trial in the future, or dogs with previous trialling experience.


Dogs who have obtained a pass in the obedience ring are automatically admitted to this class. No lures are used in the trialling class and there are difficult requirements to gain entry, including stable sit and down stays, stand for examination and enthusiastic heeling.


Instructors of this class have trialling success and hence know the correct standards required, whilst supporting and advising potential trialists.


Objectives of Class - Novice Obedience Exercises

  • Heel on lead - Figure of eight, change of paces and direction with downs and stays included, consistent footwork.

  • Stand for examination - Stable position at end of lead with instructor examining dog.

  • Heel Free - Same as heel on lead but with no lead attached.

  • Stand Stay - Distance of 5 metres with no lead attached and instructor as distraction.

  • Recall - Off lead from distance of 12 metres and finish on cue.

  • Sit Stay - Hold position off lead in company of other dogs (1.5 metres apart) for 1 minute, handlers to correctly return to their dog from minimum distance of 12 metres.

  • Down/Drop Stay - As for sit stay, but with dogs remaining down for 3 minutes.



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